The headmaster statement

I am pleased to talk to you from this prestigious educational edifice – AL –NADHA modern and schools of which   was founded in 1992 starting with the basic grades and developed to the secondary grades. As parts of its mission, AL –NADHA modern schools took into account the adoption of the most modern educational methods in building youth using the latest teaching methods and techniques. In addition, the schools administration worked on the improvement of its educational and administrative staff to meet the needs of teachers , students and administrators  at their majors.  

I take this opportunity to present the website of the AL –NADHA modern schools through which you will know a lot about our schools and branches. It is also a window for you to facilitate access to us and know a lot about schools.

The school aims not only to teach the curriculum, but also to achieve its vision of educational leadership in the public education stage at the regional level. Its mission is to prepare a learner having a proud of his religion and identity.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who worked on designing and developing this website hoping that the website will achieve the goals for which it was made

Mr. Motahar Mohammad AL-Kebsi . .