Acceptance and Registration

 Acceptance and Registration Instructions for the Academic year 2019-2020



Within the coming of the new year 2019-2020, Al-Nahdhah Modern Schools welcomes the new comers and puts some instructions for guiding

 Instructions for Preliminary and First Grade

1. A student can be accepted in the First Preliminary if aged 4 years.

2. A student can be accepted in the second Preliminary if aged 5 years.

3. A student can be accepted in 1st grade if aged 6 years.

And the parent has to bring:

1. The original birth certificate

2. The original vaccination certificate.

3. 4 Pictures 4×6

4. Green carton File.

5. A photocopy for the passport if joining the English Section.

6. A student is not considered registered unless all procedure are done, and the first part of the fees is paid.

7. The fees of the registration cannot be given back after a month from registration

 Instructions for 2nd grade to 11th grade:

1. A photocopy of the birth certificate.

2. A photocopy of vaccination certificate

3. 4 Pictures 4×6

4. All studied certificates having the official stamp of the ministry.

5. A moving letter from the previous  Education Office if not from Al-Thawrah area.

6. Good behavior certificate from the previous school.

7. Certificates brought from outside the country must be officially stamped in

       (Embassy + Control + Ministry of Foreign Affairs

8. New comers must bring a coming form

9. Green file

10. A student must pass the placement test getting no less than V.Good.