Social Media Windows

Social Media Windows

Teenagers or as they are nowadays being called ‘screenagers’ have never experienced a time without social media or Wi-Fi which older generations saw it as problem media due to the use of today’s screenagers. However, social media has bright windows exploited wisely by well-informed teenagers.

A window, to begin with, that today’s teens should look through is the one which sheds lights on current events. So it does help teens to be better informed not only about their surroundings but also the globe. Another window that social media offers is the one whose eyes are set on hardships and difficulties different societies are encountering. This develops social awareness and empathy among teens. What’s more social media allures teens to have a look at the creativity window through which they can meet other people and learn new insights from real people around the world.

To sum up, teens can use social media apps as a means of learning instead of using it as a way of escaping the reality they live. Being better informed, empathetic and creative are the worth looking windows paybacks which teenagers must get through using social media.

Mr. Nashwan Al Khawlani

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