My Letter to Parents

My Letter to Parents

Welcome to AlNahadha Modern Schools, Yemen and the 2018- 2019 School year. I am so honored to share with you some of the outstanding attributes  that make AlNahdha Modern Schools distinguished and a unique place to attend school. AlNahdha Modern School offers a modern and up-to-date learning. It offers a variety of programs that engage students in learning and promote academic excellence. Two of our high school scored two advanced positions among the top students in the Secondary Certificate in the Republic of Yemen. One from the Arabic Section and the another from the English Section. In addition, 8 students of AlNahdha Modern Schools scored 8 advanced positions among the top students of the Basic Education Certificate all over Sana’a.

            We set high academic expectations for all of our students and provide a nurturing environment along with numerous levels of support to ensure that students are successful. We have our own program to discover, support and promote talent students.

            AlNahdha Modern Schools teachers are dedicated to getting the job done. Our teachers have worked incessantly to provide opportunities to make your child successful. They develop themselves professionally all the time to cope with the changes taken place all over the world. Our mission and vision  at AlNahdha Modern Schools are so clear. Pedagogical and educational pioneer in the local general education and at the regional level. Preparing a learner who is proud of him/her religion and civilized identity; able to pursue high studies and plays an effective role in the society.

Finally, we need your continual support and advice as we make AlNahdha Modern Schools better each day.

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