About the Kindergarten

More than two decades ago, in 1992, the first brick of kindergartens was established in modern Renaissance schools.
The opening was based on lofty goals, values ​​and Islamic principles that instilled the child’s belonging to his land and homeland and adopted his balanced personality seeking perfection in various fields by providing the supportive environment for his preparation for the school.

In the course of its education, the school has pursued the principle of technological and vocational education, which develops the skills and abilities of the child by learning to play by adopting the specialized staff system in building, awareness, inspiration and others.
The school unified the concepts and experiences given to the kindergarten child by following the strategy of the unit system so that all the experiences are connected in such a way as to benefit his scientific and practical life.
The scientific establishment of Al-Nahda schools is included in the inauguration of the English section of the kindergarten in 2003 to complete the image of the tender by creating the appropriate educational place and atmosphere suitable for the age of the child studying in the kindergarten and adopting the international curricula that develop the child’s scientific and linguistic abilities.